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Inflame – to provoke or intensify sturdy inner thoughts in an individual – V. 14. Instill – to gradually but firmly create an notion or mind-set into a person’s brain – V. 15.

Profitable – getting a big reward, monetary or usually – Adj. 16. Myriad – innumerable or really substantial in range – Adj. 17.

Precipitate – to cause a thing to transpire instantly or unexpectedly – V. 18. Proponent – a particular person who advocates for something – N. 19. Resurgence – an enhance or revival after a time period of confined action – N. 20.

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Revitalize – buy essay club to give some thing new life and vitality – V. 21. Ubiquitous – characterised by being just about everywhere widespread – Adj. 22. Watershed – an occasion or time period that marks a turning stage – N. How do your standardized exam scores impact your probabilities?Find out with our free Chancing Motor, which employs your standardized check scores, GPA, extracurriculars, and extra to ascertain your true possibilities of admission. Context two: Assessment. These terms can typically be used when describing prevalent designs in between illustrations or casting some variety of opinion or judgement. 23.

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Anomaly – deviation from the norm – N. 24. Automaton – a mindless follower an individual who acts in a mechanical style – N. 25. Belie – to fail to give a correct impression of a little something – V. 26. Cup > – abnormal greed – Adj. 27.

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Debacle – a highly effective failure a fiasco – N. 28. Demagogue – a political leader or individual who appears to be like for aid by desirable to prejudices alternatively of applying rational arguments – N. 29.

Prevent – to discourage another person from undertaking some thing by building them doubt or concern the implications – V. 30. Discredit – to damage the track record or respect for an individual – V. 31. Draconian – characterized by strict legislation, guidelines and punishments – Adj. 32. Duplicitous – intentionally deceitful in speech/behavior – Adj. 33.

Egregious – conspicuously undesirable exceptionally evil monstrous and outrageous – Adj. 34. Exacerbate – to make a predicament worse – V. 35. Ignominious – deserving or producing general public shame or shame – Adj. 36. Ins > – continuing in a refined way but with hazardous consequences – Adj. 37.

Myopic – small-sighted not thinking about the long operate – Adj. 38. Pernicious – harmful and destructive – Adj. 39. Renegade – a individual who betrays an corporation, region, or set of concepts – N. 40. Stigmatize – to describe or regard as deserving of disgrace or disapproval – V. 41. Superfluous – unnecessary – Adj. 42. Venal – corrupt vulnerable to bribery – Adj. 43.

Virulent – extremely critical or hazardous in its effects – Adj. 44. Zealot – a human being who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their spiritual, political, or other beliefs – N. C ontext three: Thesis and Argument. These phrases are acceptable for having a stance on controversial subject areas, putting increased body weight on just one or the other conclusion of the spectrum, commonly touching on abstract ideas, and/or connected to human mother nature or societal difficulties. 45. Autonomy – independence or self governance the suitable to make conclusions for oneself – N. 46. Conundrum – a difficult difficulty with no effortless solution – N. 47. Dichotomy – a division or distinction amongst two points that are offered as opposites or fully distinctive – N. 48.

Disparity – a great distinction among points – N. 49. Divisive – producing disagreement or hostility amongst folks – Adj. 50. Egalitarian – favoring social equality and equal legal rights – Adj. Although it is correct that vocabulary is one particular of the lesser conditions by which students’ ACT essays are graded, the tiny boost it could give to a student’s score could be the variance amongst a fantastic score and a terrific rating.