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                Sprint to Race – FitFam Spartans 勇往直前--- FitFam斯巴达勇士

                FitFamShanghai2020-09-20 15:04:57
                SPRINT TO RACE?勇往直前
                FITFAM SPARTANS 斯巴达勇士?

                A few months ago on May 21st 2017, 50+ FitFam hopefuls participated in the Spartan Sprint at Sunland Greenland in deep Pudong, presented by the Spartan Race Inc. organisers. There were over 5000+ participants completing 23 obstacles with a distance of 6.4km.

                几个月前,在2017521日,超过50名的FitFam队员满载希望参加了位于浦东深处森兰绿地的"斯巴达竞速赛"。根据斯巴达比赛官方组委ξ 会的数据,有超过5000名的参赛者完成了23项、全长6.4千米的比赛。

                Obviously FitFam smashed it out of the park having 6 of the FitFamily finishing in the top 10 in the male/ female/open categories. The participants built up their strength, fitness and endurance with FitFam workouts and combined it with skills sessions lead by Habi at Torque Wellness.

                毋庸置疑,FitFam在公园中表现力压全场: 一共有6FitFam成员成绩位于男子/女子公开赛的前10名。参赛者们在FitFam的日常训练中建立起了超强的力量、强健的体魄以及惊人的耐力,并将和HabiTorque Wellness中学到的技巧结合了起来↓。

                Our WeChat moments feed was flooded with all of our heroes posting their results and muddy-faced selfies.


                Our Top 10 Finishers:

                Male Category:

                #1 Yann 37 mins

                #4 Papa Yann 41 mins

                #9 Igor 45 mins

                #10 Jordan 45 mins






                Female Category:

                #1 Veronika 54 mins

                #2 Katie 57 mins





                We asked them about the experience:



                Did you think you would finish top 10? Were you happy with your time?



                Papa Yann #4: It was my first Spartan Race, I didn't really think about the ranking before the race. I'm happy with my time with some regrets due to my inexperience. I'm not happy because I'm behind the other Yann.

                超级爸爸Yann (第4名):这是我第一次参加斯巴达比赛,在比赛之前我完全没有想过排名的问题。我对我的完赛成绩比较满意,有一点些比较遗憾的地方就是比赛经验不足。我不满意『的地方时就是比落后于另一个Yann

                Katie #2: No way! I hadn't done any running in 2 months and I thought I was super slow, haha. I was really surprised with my time - 10 minutes faster than last year!


                Jordan #10:?I knew almost nothing about the race when I arrived, beyond seeing some photos on the Spartan website, so I had no expectations about results. My only goal was to try to keep up with Igor.

                I was very happy with the results because I had fallen behind at the beginning and did not expect to catch-up with the other FitFam racers.

                Jordan (10): ?在我来∏之前,除了在“斯巴达”官网上看到过一些照片之外,我对于比赛几▲乎一无所知,所以,我对于成绩没有任何期待。我唯一的目标◣就是跟紧Igor。我对于我的成绩非常满意,因为↓在比赛刚开始时,我是相对比较慢的,而且没有想到能够追上其他的FitFam成员。


                What was your favourite obstacle?


                Igor #9: I was pleasantly surprised to nail the spear toss but I must say the water barrier that you had to submerge under was refreshing as we neared the end of the race

                Igor (9名):我非常开心也非常惊喜能够在投标枪的时候射中靶子,但是,我不得不说,那个你必须要完全浸入水中并钻过去的水障◇碍非常爽,因为这也意味着我们马上就要接近终点了

                Katie#2:?My favorite obstacle were the rings. I had been practicing them a lot at Torque with Habi so I was very excited to have accomplished that obstacle

                Katie (2名): 我最喜欢的障碍是铁环。我已经在Torque跟着Habi练习了很久,所以,我很高兴能够完成这个项目。

                Yann #1: Definitely the sandbag rope lifting (Hercule Hoist). At first, when I tried to lift it up, I realized that the bag was really heavy and located almost at the end of the race. What an achievement for me when I saw the bag touching the top of the rack?!

                Yann (1名): 绝对是用绳拉沙袋(赫Ψ 拉克勒斯之力)。第一次,当我尝试要把它拉起来的时候,我意识到那个沙袋真的非常重,而且,这个项目几乎是在比∞赛尾声。如果我能看到那个沙袋升到最顶端的架子上,该是多大的胜利?!


                What was your least favourite obstacle?


                Papa Yann#4: Hercules hoist, I'm too light for this obstacle, it's impossible with my weight.

                超级爸爸Yann(第4名): 赫克拉斯◆之力,对于这个障碍来说我自身体重太轻了,对于我这种体重来说,完成这个几乎是不可能的。

                Katie #2: Mt. Olympus which is a horizontal traverse was really difficult. I didn't prepare well for that one

                Katie (第2名): 奥林匹斯之山几乎就是个垂直的横木而且的确非常难。我对那个项目没有准备好。

                Veronika#1:?Hercules Hoist

                Veronika (第1名):?赫拉克勒斯之力。


                How many burpees did you do?


                Veronika #1:?150

                Veronika (1名):?150个。

                Jordan #10: 45-50 out of 60

                Jordan (10名):?60个█波比跳中做了45-50个。

                Yann: 60 (failed at javelin & monkey bars)

                Yann (第1名):?60个(在标枪和猴架环节失败了)


                Would you participate in the Spartan Race again?


                Papa Yann #4: For sure, but longer distances, I hope to do Spartan Beast and Spartan Ultra Beast distance in 2017 (in Europe)

                超级爸爸Yann(第4名): 肯定的,但是距离一定会更长。我希望能够参加2017年的“斯巴达野兽赛”或者“斯巴达超级野兽赛”(在欧洲)。

                Igor #9: Definitely, I got my sights set on that Super in Beijing now

                Igor (第9名): 肯定的,我现在已经把我的目标放在北京的“超级赛”了。

                Veronika #1: Yes, I would like to do longer distance next time.

                Veronika (第1名): 会的,下一次我会很想尝◣试更长距离的比赛。

                Yann #1: Hell yes. I plan to do Beijing and Qingdao Sprint and Super version.


                Yann (第1名): 当然啦。我已经计划去青岛和北京分别参加“竞速赛”和“超级赛”了。


                Don’t you wish this was you?



                Join us again on 24th September 2017 we are putting together another group of FitFam Spartans to participate in the Reebok Spartan Super in Beijing. This course is13km and 25 obstacles. However, this is not for the faint hearted, it’s a longer distance with more obstacles. The Super will test your endurance, perseverance, strength and grit through more rugged terrain. It is a demanding race and competing requires performance level training, but anyone can go have fun, get muddy, and do burpees.


                Please check out the website (click Read More below), watch some videos online… and if you are determined to train and join us scan the QR code below for more information!



                Scan the QR code below to follow FitFam Shanghai on WeChat & receive updates on schedules, locations and registration?